Have you ever heard a song that hits so hard that when you look at a clock, the time is shaking as if you were staring at it while brushing your teeth with a top-notch electric tooth brush? We’ve got those. Do you want to show your friends new tracks that slap so hard they’ll shake OTHER cars’ license plates? Look no further. How about that song that understands you more than your latest ex? You bet. We’ve got the music that you can endlessly daydream to AND the music that’ll motivate you to live out the highlights you’ve only fantasized about. We’ve got the sounds that’ll make you be able to set any mood, any time, any place. Be the life of the party, master the art of relaxation, be a trend setter, be an even better friend. A little imagination and fresh music can amplify your life and the people you share it with.
SpeakerJuice is here to help.

Special shout-out to our friends Matt, Rachel, and Tim for the support and collaboration to make our ideas a reality to be shared.