Deadmau5 W:/2016ALBUM/ Review


This has to be one of the most artist-denounced albums to drop lately. With Deadmau5’s angsty Twitter presence and self-critical comments about the album, we weren’t sure what to expect.

Among the many big-name releases of this month comes a new album from Deadmau5. Although he has been extremely critical of himself and the music the album contains, W:/2016ALBUM/ is definitely one for your library. The album contains a beautiful vocal track from Grabbitz and includes many contrasting songs that make the collection feel a bit jumbled as a whole. Nonetheless, it is a kinetic catalyst that has us cranking up the volume for numerous occasions; highway drives, gym sessions, and many vibes alike.

Some songs are reminiscent of a For Lack Of A Better Name sound, minus the overlying vocals. Notable tracks that should not be overlooked are the popular “Let Go (feat. Grabbitz),” “Walk Then,” and “Snowcone”, and the less popular “4ware,” “Glish,” and “Imaginary Friends.” Although Deadmau5 isn’t a huge fan of himself lately, we enjoy the album. Who knows, maybe he’ll feel the need for a little self-redemption in the near future (and maybe he can fund it with some money he’s making off of his new “web-tutorials“).

Be sure to check out the album and let us know what you think in the comments.

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