G-Eazy Drops Another Banger +2


Unless you count the nonstop radio coverage, we haven’t heard much from G-Eazy since his Sophomore studio album, When It’s Dark Out. That album turns one year old as of Dec. 4th. But the man is back with three new songs you MUST hear.

If you’ve followed G-Eazy since his “Marilyn” days, he’s recently dropped “Still” which takes a break from his hype electronic style and is reminiscent of his older flow with a new sense of maturity.

Stream “Still”:

But that’s not all: For those of you who love the upbeat G-Eazy that the radio has come to know, he hasn’t forgotten about you. His new track “Bone Marrow (feat. Danny Seth)” goes off and maintains the douchebag persona of the party boy G-Eazy we all have come to know. With an incredible verse from Danny Seth, the entire song is right up in your face.

Stream “Bone Marrow”:

Not to be overlooked is a catchy remix of “Some Kind of Drug” by Earwulf. The remix has revived the song that was once played a few too many times.

Stream “Some Kind of Drug (Earwulf Remix)”:

Overall, the three new releases have definitely got us back on a G-Eazy kick; digging all the way back into the Endless Summer archives. The songs can also be streamed on his Soundcloud.

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