Isaac Castor’s EP: [Dis]comfort Zone


Isaac Castor’s EP: [Dis]Comfort Zone

If you’re an East Side Michigander who’s in tune with the up and coming Rap & Hip-Hop scene, you’ve probably heard Castor’s name thrown around here and there for the better part of a decade. Originally from the Suburbs of Chicago, 13-year-old Castor came to Ann Arbor around 2009. Soon, he began taking courses at The Neutral Zone, a musical school that offers programs such as “the art of MC” and music production workshops of all kinds. It wasn’t long before 911 was showing up regularly to extinguish the fire tracks he was laying down. Oh, and it’s also worth noting he had to tip-toe around his age. To be granted admittance he needed to be in 9th grade, however, he was in 8th. The best part is no one even questioned it until he himself confessed!


Today, we have the pleasure of presenting Castor’s EP release, titled “[Dis]Comfort Zone“. In his opening track, “Offseason (feat. Phourthelove)”, he hints at a recent period of deep reflection and his newly discovered drive that called for this release, he’s ready for the world whether we are or not:

“’Cuz I know this world all to well, I’ve been on it all along by myself. Through the cold winters, offseasons, offseasons, yeah. I’m just a go-getter, hope y’all see, y’all see, yeah…It’s my season, yeah.”

Castor’s insighted drive and push for success appears to stand out as the underlying message throughout, “Brown sugar in my speakers. I’m rollin’ down the Ave, knowin’ anything that I wanna’ achieve I can have”, but he doesn’t allow us to leave without knowing he’ll play dirty to get it (refer to “Beast Boi”). The way I see it? This EP successfully painted a vivid landscape of a city whose vibrant rap/hip hop culture has flown under the radar for years. Even more, he’s managed to showcase his abilities from masterful flow, to thought-provoking lyricism, not to mention some insanely catchy, head-bobbing beats (bust out to “Yellow Light Disctrict” for a taste of all these elements).

This album has such strong parallels to work we’ve seen from Kid Cudi and others who struggle with conflicting desires and mental battles, as exhibited in Castor’s “Home Cooked”,

“Got my team right beside me, but I’m feelin’ so alone. Better keep my seat warm, cuz’ I’m comin’ for the thrown”.

So, it appears it’s up to us to listen and decide who is the dominant force in his own head. This EP has it all, and it’s more than worth the 20 minutes of time it’ll take you to enter the “[Dis]Comfort Zone”

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    AYYYY welcome to SpeakerJuice Sam! This guy is fire