J. Cole Drops New Album ‘4 Your Eyez Only’


J. Cole has dropped 4 Your Eyez Only. It’s here and everything we want. Check out our recent post about J. Cole here and check out what we’ve reported so far, including a documentary about the production of the new album. Stay tuned for an updated review on this page. In the meantime, stream the album and start forming your own opinions. Lyrically, we’re already blown away. The genuine J. Cole flow and mix of his singing vocals is as outstanding as ever. Guess what? No features. Platinum, Cole’s coming for you once again.

12/9 UPDATE: Alright so here it is; an incredible theory to explain the message behind the album. Apparently J. Cole is rapping through the eyes of another man, describing his struggles with the streets, money, love, family, you name it. The references of a daughter are not personal to J. Cole, but to the man that is Cole’s avatar for the story he is telling throughout the album. I can’t begin to do the theory justice by summarizing it, and I don’t intent to try. Head over to this Genius article to learn more.

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