Phases – Aly Aboushaca

Up and coming artist Aly Aboushaca has been flying underground for quite some time. We first caught wind of him this past week with the release of his new project, Phases. The following info is taken directly from Aly’s Facebook fan page bio:

“Aly Aboushaca is an up and coming American Rapper. His main focus is artistry through hip hop composition. Although mainly tackling experimental and socially conscious realms, Aly still delivers on frantic and involved bangers. He has been an active artist since 2012.”

The new project does in fact deliver. With simplistic music video to accompany multiple tracks and a heavy hitting compilation of experimental beats and deep vocals with a relaxed flow, the project has been an easy listen. One of the main songs to check out here is titled “Bout It”, and it has been experiencing the most traction for Aly. Check out the video below:

The project is not released in it’s entirety, with more content on it’s way.

Stream the Phases project for free on SoundCloud:

Aly Aboushaca: SoundCloudYouTube