The Weeknd “Starboy” Album Review


Abel Tesfaye just dropped his third project, Starboy.

He’s come a long way from his trilogy set. His sadistic vibe and R&B sound has carried its presence into the latest. Abel’s evolution has exploded him into the mainstream over the last two years, but he’s far from being labeled as a “sell out”.
Starboy is more than The Weeknd being a pop artist; his album depicts his transcendence as an underground artist emerging from the shadows and the maturity that ensued. If you thought Beauty Behind The Madness was the beginning of him going pop, then this is the album that solidifies his mark.

The Starboy has created a masterpiece; the first track, “Starboy”, describes his story. The changes made are far from who he was in the past, no longer the “nigga with the hair singing about poppin’ pills, fuckin’ bitches, livin’ life so trill” (Beauty Behind The Madness, ’Tell Your Friends’).

The change in his sound, hair, and his lyrics are something we should all take notice of. Although his sound is often compared to the great pop-star Micheal Jackson, Abel isn’t trying to impersonate but rather create a style of his own. We may never hear music like ‘House of Balloons’ again, but it is relative that Abel has moved on from his old ways, far from the old days with the glass tables.

Updates to come. In the meantime, stream the album below and hear the latest masterpiece for yourself.